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Scott has been haunting server rooms and using/administrating Unix and Unix like systems for more than 30 years now. His background includes IT infrastructure, system administration, deployments and migrations, security and management. He is currently working as a consultant for the federal government.

Talks given:

2017.03.02 March Meeting: DTMF generation on a rotary phone
2012.10.04 October Meeting: GPG Overview
2016.05.05 May Meeting: Presentation Frustrations Reduced
2017.01.05 January Meeting: Speech Synthesis with Festival Lite
2014.04.03 April Meeting: Annual General Meeting
2015.02.05 February Meeting: What is Tarsnap?
2016.11.03 November Meeting: Tiny Clusters
2015.06.04 June Meeting: Static site generators
2015.12.03 December Meeting: CentOS Overview
2016.01.14 January Meeting: Ansible - Short Introduction
2016.04.07 April Meeting: AGM
2017.04.06 April Meeting: 2017 AGM
2017.07.06 July Meeting: RaspberryPi/Arduino
2014.05.01 May Meeting: Experiences with Modern Document Production
2015.04.02 April Meeting: Recent experience with HDD recovery
2017.09.07 September Meeting: Ad Hoc anonymous collaboration
2012.10.04 October Meeting: GPG Keysigning
2017.04.06 April Meeting: Static Site Generation (revisited)
2017.05.04 May Meeting: Beneath the Surface
2013.10.03 October Meeting: Asterisk on Raspberry Pi
2013.12.05 December Meeting: Asterisk on Raspberry Pi Followup
2016.06.02 June Meeting: A short talk on dashing
2016.02.04 February Meeting: iPython notebooks, open data and pandas
2016.07.07 July Meeting: A short talk on dashing
2015.10.01 October Meeting: Visi-uh-oh!
2013.10.03 October Meeting: GPG Key Signing BoF
2014.02.05 February Meeting: GPG Keysigning BoF
2013.12.05 December Meeting: Making presentations with Free/Open Source Software
2017.08.03 August Meeting: Linux on a hybrid tablet
2016.04.07 April Meeting: Presentation Frustrations Reduced
2014.03.06 March Meeting: GPG Keysigning
2016.03.03 March Meeting: Let's Encrypt

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