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I have a client here in Ottawa who is seeking someone to fill this spot below. I would welcome anyone who feels qualified to apply directly to me.

Our client requires a consultant with deep MySQL configuration experience. Short term engagement, no T&L or remote. There is a strong likelihood that MySQL has not been optimally configured (i.e. max connection, buffer sizes, etc) given the unusual way The Client is using MySQL (from Perl). Application is written in Perl (running on RedHat in an ESX instance), and uses the Perl DBI to "connect" and "execute" SQL and DML statements on a MySQL instance. This MySQL instance (running on Linux CentOS in an ESX instance) which appears to have 32 bit limitation. Perl scripts are initiated from external SSH connections from client systems, in order to license and check for software updates. Each of these client connections starts a sequence of Perl scripts,of which, one of the Perl scripts performs the "connect" and "execute" SQL and DML statements on MySQL. There are many active MySQL connections at any given time (i.e. 450 peak). There is no use of connection pooling.


Derek Weber
Senior Recruiter
National Capital Region
360 Albert Street, Suite 830
Ottawa ON. K1R 7X7


+1 613 237 1727 x8012
F: +1 613 563 9735
C: +1 613 222 2451

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