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The Service Router Product Group (SRPG) is looking for a talented and committed engineer to join its build and software tools team. The SRPG develops the extremely successful 7x50 Service Router family which continues to grow faster than the service provider IP router market.

Although one component of the build role involves maintaining and supporting the existing tools and infrastructure, the build team has incredible freedom to find new solutions and develop innovative tools. This role is key to ensuring that the design and test team is as productive and effective as possible and ultimately to ensuring the continued success of the 7x50 Service Router platform.

The candidate should have experience with scripting, UNIX environments, source control systems and build tools. The candidate should be able to troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently.

The candidate will use these skills while collaborating with the other members of the team to identify opportunities for improvement in the tool set. The candidate will design, implement and deploy innovative solutions.

Types Of Tasks:

- Support a design and test community spread across multiple geographic locations.
- Be available to resolve issues with nightly builds. Flexible work hours to accommodate this requirement are available.
- Collaborate with other members of the build team to help set direction, devise ways to improve designer/tester productivity, improve performance, etc and ultimately implement the changes required.
- Maintain dozens of Linux servers responsible for builds, source code repositories, defect tracking, collaboration and more.


- Strong troubleshooting skills
- Experience with perl, Bourne shell, sed and awk scripting. Knowledge of other scripting languages is beneficial.
- Experience with Makefiles.
- Experience with CVS or other source control management tool.
- Experience with HTML, perl, JavaScript, PHP and mysql.
- Comfortable with administering Linux based servers.
- Some familiarity with C/C++ in order to diagnose build issues.


Jeremy Rand

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