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As part of an expanding effort to support projects which have, or are in the progress of being deployed, CREDIL is looking to fill 2 positions for junior Linux network administration.

Who you are:

You have recently graduated or about to graduate from a technology oriented program, or you are self-taught. You are a self-starter with a passion for learning new things. You appreciate the latest things, but you are not a lemming.

You have good communication skills, and while you long to be part of a bigger thing, you don't want to be just a cog in the wheel. You enjoy contact with real end users with real problems; but you also enjoy a deep dive into a hard problem, and maybe you may become non-verbal as you mind absorbs all the details.

What you know:

1) Linux.

okay, maybe you don't write kernel device drivers, or debug kernel crash dumps using dip switches, but it's something you could learn to do if it became important.
You can install Linux on a blank computer, and while you haven't rolled you own distro, you've though about it.

2) Networking.

You can configure a network of a few PCs, setup a IPv4 NAT, and you wish you could just use IPv6. You've learnt how to forge email using telnet, but that got boring, so you find more interesting ways to punk your friends. Web servers and HTTP and diagnosing Internet Exploder incompatibilities are ceased to be fun, but it's got to be done.

Where is CREDIL:

We are located in the innovation building (incubator) of University de Quebec, Tache Campus, building F. The "CRTL/LRTC" building. We occupy a series of offices on the 3rd floor, 2-3 people per office, no cubicles.

Who is

CREDIL is a cooperative commons; we work with and on open source on a variety of projects, many of which are now in the field.

"Make or buy" is what organizations typically ask when in need of business solutions. CREDIL, the Centre for Experimental Development in Informatics Libre, offers a third option. CREDIL operates as a clearinghouse for organizations in search of solutions and actual software developers who use, modify and integrate free/libre software for agile deployment into streamlined and customized solutions. In CREDIL lingo, we help connect "sponsors" and "makers" in a way that meets s needs and enable the development of open, portable and sustainable solutions.everyone

How to apply:

Please email: mcr at and crm at with a URL for your resume, or to ask questions. Please use the Subject: "available to fix undervoltage alarms"
Please include a cover letter explaining who you are, and how you learn new things.
We will contact you to arrange an interview, and to learn more about how to learn new things. (Word documents will be deleted unread.)
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