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Location: Ottawa

Diablo Technologies seeks an experienced and motivated kernel/driver software designer to join its growing software development team. The successful candidate will join a world-class group of engineering professionals working to unleash the full potential of Diablo’s Memory Channel Storage (MCS) technology in high-performance server and storage applications.

Duties & Responsibilities

Design, implement and optimize kernel software drivers supporting Diablo’s MCS technology in a broad range of host system environments Develop and execute unit tests to guarantee integrity of deployed features Integrate driver functionality with hardware, firmware and application software elements Support software verification and QA processes Support performance verification, benchmark and analysis activities Participate in definition of new features and capabilities that leverage MCS strengths in emerging applications

Job Requirements

Computer Science or Engineering degree.
At least 5 years professional software development experience, including:
kernel driver development in Linux, Windows or VMware/ESX environments
C-language in a low-level real time programming environment
X86 architecture and assembly language programming
code profiling and optimization
enterprise server system architectures
threading, ISR, locking and mutex programming concepts.
Strong understanding of CPU architectures (SMP, NUMA, caches, pipelines), hardware (FPGA, microcontrollers, ASIC, NOR-Flash), drivers and firmware partitioning concepts
Demonstrated strengths in design integration and hands-on problem-solving
Ability and willingness to understand and solve technical challenges spanning multiple system elements and technologies.
Experience with storage technologies, filesystems, caches and distributed systems architectures are highly desirable assets.

Desirable Qualities

Conceptual Creativity
Autonomous and self-driven
Tenacious and meticulous
Excellent ability to work in a team


Competitive salary, stock options, medical/dental insurance group plan and several other social benefits are offered.


To apply for this job please send your resume to and refer to the job ‘Intermediate Kernel/Driver Software Developer’.

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