Past Meetings

2012 January Meeting January meeting canceled
2011 December Meeting Getting your next gig
2011 November Meeting Huxly Linux, Yocto! It's embedded!
2011 October Meeting The Edison Approach: Science helps the office
2011 September Meeting Linux Games and Other Fun
2011 August Meeting Distros, Window Managers, tools - Demo your fave!
2011 LITW Linux in the Wild
2011 June Tutorial Leavitt Memorial Seminar: The GIMP
2011 June Meeting VirtualBox on Ubuntu / Inner workings of a Darknet
2011 May Meeting OCLUG AGM, IPv6 summit report and discussion
2011 Special Event Ottawa IPv6 Summit
2011 April Meeting Python 2 and Python 3
2011 March Meeting Remote Access
2011 February Meeting Kernel Modules
2011 January Meeting PS3 Super Computing Cluster
2010 December Meeting BSD and Computers for Communities
2010 November Meeting expect-lite and Ubuntu hiccups
2010 October Meeting October Board Meeting
2010 October Meeting World Domination and Control, over USB
2010 Special Event Software Freedom Day
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