Past Meetings

2014 February Meeting OpenOffice and R, GPG update
2014 January Meeting Open Discussion on UEFI
2013 December Meeting Regular expressions, asterPibx followup, presentation software, and BOFs
2013 November Meeting Virtualization Intro and Device Trees
2013 October Meeting Remastersys, Asterisk on Raspberry Pi, BoFs
2013 September Meeting Introduction to the Suckless Project
2013 August Meeting Using VMs for Special Purposes, SUSEstudio talk and BTRFS presentation
2013 July Meeting Linux in the Wild 2013
2013 June Meeting Too much RAM breaks Internet! News at 7!
2013 May Meeting OpenStack Cloud Software
2013 April Meeting Annual General Meeting
2013 March Meeting Output! One way or another!
2013 February Meeting Share, Share
2013 January Meeting Graphical output - newsletters in Linux
2012 December Meeting Email backup from an IMAP server
2012 November Meeting Creating an Oracle RAC Cluster in VirtualBox
2012 October Meeting GPG Key Signing
2012 September Meeting Android SDK!
2012 August Meeting Debian's got packages!
2012 LITW Linux in the Wild 2012
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