TheCodeFactory, 246 Queen St., 2nd floor

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About TheCodeFactory

TheCodeFactory is a collaborative co-working space dedicated to software start-ups and the ecosystem that supports them in the Ottawa area. The facility is located at 246 Queen Street, between Bank and Kent, on the second floor, entrance just to the left of the Green Papaya when facing the building. You can think of theCodeFactory as a clubhouse for start-ups or water cooler where you can meet other likeminded people, connect and collaborate.

The facilities include; common working space, private meeting rooms, lounge, coffee bar, private offices, Wii, foosball table and onsite reference library. Common workspace is available at an hourly rate with a membership card that works much like your coffee gift card and includes wifi and coffee. Meeting rooms are available at an hourly rate and private office space is available for weekly, monthly or 12 month terms.

TheCodeFactory offers evening events, lunch and learn sessions and other activities of interest to the software start-up community.

Meetings held at this location:

2008 August Tutorial Kernel Walkthrough: The Boot Process
2008 June Tutorial Kernel Walkthrough: Source Tree Layout

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