Ottawa Web of Trust

Many members of OCLUG have an interest in cryptography and express it by having and using PGP keys. You can download the list of key IDs and the keyring from here.

The OCLUG Web Of Trust keyanalysis report shows which OCLUG users have signed each others keys. If you would like your key added, updated or removed from the report, send mail to keys @

Any member of the OCLUG Web Of Trust is, by definition, part of the global Web of Trust.

OCLUG has run two large keysigning parties in order to improve the links in the Web Of Trust. The first one was in June 2002 and the second one was in May 2003.

If you wish to become better connected to the OCLUG Web of Trust, the recommended procedure is:

  • Mail the oclug list a few days in advance to let everybody know you intend to be there and so the meeting coordinator can schedule the meeting appropriately.
  • Print out some keyslips. The exact format doesn't matter too much, but the important information is all obtained from the first two lines output by gpg --fingerprint:
    pub  1024D/8E7C03FF 2001-02-17 Matthew Wilcox <>
         Key fingerprint = 38FA A231 A84D E7C5 7248  50CC 2218 C81E 8E7C 03FF
  • Attend the meeting, bringing photo ID (driver's licence, passport, etc) and your keyslips with you.

OCLUG also run tutorials on the use of PGP/GPG occasionally. If you wish to learn more about using GnuPG, see the "Free Technology Seminars" link on the navigation bar to the left.

Some PGP-related links

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