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Linux and Open Source Job Postings in the Ottawa Area

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C/C++ Software Developer

The job requires the following skills: • Experience in multi-threaded and multi-process (soft) real-time (embedded) environments. Fluent with thread synchronization primitives. Familiar with memory caching. • Experienced Linux developer and user. Also have excellent knowledge and great interest in other RTOSs. • Experience with communication protocols (synchronous/asynchronous, full/half-duplex, server/client - ...

Multiple RHEL Linux opportunities

ADRM Tech has immediate and ongoing requirements for: - Second and third level Unix/Linux System Management including System Installation, Configuration, Administration, Analysis and Maintenance - Experience Supporting Red Hat Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX environments (*with emphasis on Red Hat*). The legacy systems are in the process of being phased out ...

Intermediate Developer

Position Overview: We are looking for an energetic individual to provide in-house software development across all aspects of our current and future projects. Given the richness of our content there will also be research tasks aimed at providing support for different types of media on Android touch devices with resultant ...

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