[oclug] A credit/debit card reader for the home ??

OddSox oddsoxster at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 10:32:34 EDT 2009

While we're on the subject of bank security, this report out today  
looks a little troubling. The banks either have their heads in the  
sand, or they're deliberately misleading consumers about how serious  
this could be...

> Computers at a majority of Canada's big banks are infected with a  
> malicious computer worm capable of logging keystrokes and stealing  
> passwords, an Ottawa security firm has warned.
> Defence Intelligence Inc. said yesterday it has been monitoring the  
> worm dubbed Mariposa for five months and has watched it spread to  
> machines at more than 50 of the top 100 Fortune 500 companies as  
> well as Canada's banks.
> The Canadian Bankers Association said it is aware of the worm,  
> which it believes has done little if any damage.
> But Christopher Davis, chief executive officer of Defence  
> Intelligence, called Mariposa "a highly sophisticated piece of  
> malicious software" that appears to be very selective in its targets.
> "We've detected compromised behaviour from hundreds of government  
> agencies, financial institutions, universities and corporate  
> networks worldwide, but surprisingly few home users," he said.


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