[oclug] OT: cheap LCD

James bjlockie at lockie.ca
Thu Sep 24 11:25:01 EDT 2009

On 09/17/09 23:17, Andy Civil wrote:
> James wrote:
>> What store has the best prices on monitors?
> Price doesn't matter as much as the ability to return the monitor if 
> there's a dead or stuck pixel. Since the manufacturers don't define a 
> small number of dead pixels as failure, you need a store that will 
> override this policy with a 'no questions asked' one. I think that 
> means Costco, Future Shop or Best Buy.
I bought my 24" at FutureShop just because of that possibility.

> Future Shop are known for having genuine sales on selected product - 
> wait for what you want to come up. For example, a LG 22" monitor $60 
> off, at $199.99 this week in FS.
I ended up buying an LG 22 at Canada Computers for $160.
I was willing to risk a dead pixel (it has none though).

> P.S. those "refurbished" LCD monitors you find in back-street stores? 
> They have a high probability of being the ones that wise people 
> returned, and they managed to temporarily fix them with 
> http://udpix.free.fr/ .  (IMHO)
Returned to a big store because of dead pixels was my guess.

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