[oclug] Where to Buy a Linux Notebook?

Piotr R. Sidorowicz prsidoro at mavericsolutions.ca
Fri Sep 18 20:33:26 EDT 2009

Six weeks ago I bought a Dell Inspiron Mini10 with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS 
pre-installed on it. Purchased it on-line (dell.ca). It works very 
nicely. All hardware is recognized. I did install 9.04 Ubuntu netbook 
remix later for some more up-to-date packages and everything still works 
like a charm. Dell's Ubuntu is not "plain vanilla" Ubuntu; they did add 
a Yahoo toolbar, and a "legal" DVD player (pointless as this machine 
does not have a DVD drive.) that I promptly un-installed. I did go for 
the optional wireless N card instead of the default G, and for the 
Bluetooth module.  I was pleasantly surprised that it was a dual core 
Atom processor. The keyboard is superb for its size.
I can comfortably recommend this unit.


Shawn H Corey wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm thinking of buying a Linux notebook or cheap laptop and I don't want 
> to pay the Microsoft tax.  I looked at the OCLUG web site but searching 
> did not find a buying guide so I'm asking here.
> Is there any stores in Ottawa, or Eastern Ontario or western Québec that 
> sells a Linux-only notebook?

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