[oclug] I am angry. Spam went to far today. Want to fight back.

James Lockie bjlockie at lockie.ca
Wed Sep 12 11:03:32 EDT 2007

William Case wrote:
> Hi;
> This is a rant from a very angry user.  There must be a way to fight
> back.
> I am not complaining about spam blockers; the ones used by Rogers Yahoo!
> and spamassassin do a pretty good job.  But I would like a program
> (illegal or not) that I could use to just take some of my spam and shove
> it right back up the spammer's rose red ... Maybe blow up his computer.
> I am not a prude.  There is nothing in this world I haven't heard or
> even said myself.  But it is the dreary endless daily ten to twenty
> messages offering me, in order of quantity, penis extenders, Viagra or
> Cialis, pharmaceuticals, replica watches, and OEM software.
> Most recently I started losing mail from a good friend and a delightful
> lady named Andrea.  Found it all in roger's/yahoo's block list, placed
> there because of an endless stream of offers for extenders with a
> "From:" line "Andrea".  As a result I have had to check my junk mail
> every day for the past week or so.  The stream of crap that is being
> caught by my blockers is mind boggling and getting cruder by the week.
> I want to fight back.  There is got to be a way, a hack, that lets me
> follow this stuff back to its origin and that gives me the option of
> metaphorically blowing up their machine.
> Rant over.
I wish too.
There isn't though. :-(
You can complain to their ISP but alot of spam originates overseas with 
ISPs that condone spam.
I have complained to a few ISPs but I usually get no answer or a "yes 
it's spam" answer.
I just delete it now.

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