[oclug] Yahoo problems

Andy Civil andycivil at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 13:27:20 EDT 2007

Croombe F. Pensom wrote:
> Can someone help me out with an unfriendly web site?
> I went to http://www.the-strap.com/index.html but the images won't come
> up in Mozilla Firefox and everything has red Yahoo stylized Y attached.
> I need the images if I wish to complete and on-line order from the site.
> CroombeFP

I saved that page and tar'd it for you, (I confess I did use one M$
product to do it, sorry) and I attach it to this mail... of course the
list manager will probably strip it from the list copy. (Even if it
doesn't, it's only 75kb or so.)

What if you need more on subsequent pages, though :-(

Edit: the list behaviour was not as I expected, it bounced the whole 
thing for >100kb. So I remove the attachment manually and post again :-)

Nice feature actually, sometimes useful to post SMALL attachments.


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