[oclug] Bash and the Linux Doctor

Greg sphex at sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 10 22:40:58 EST 2007

It matters not what you did, but what you do.


The Linux Doctor wrote:
> I've been watching you guys from afar. Well, not so far.
> I'm actually happy that you guys understand the necessity of learning
> how to do real script programming in the Unix/Linux environment. 
> We need to have a class about beginner Bash, or rather beginner Linux,
> once a year at least. I began the whole thing more than a decade ago
> with my "Linux Doctor" lectures at the late lamented Lees Avenue campus
> of Algonquin College to standing ovations. I repeated that series a
> couple of years ago at "Exit Certified" that required me to spread out
> what needed to be said over two lectures.
> When I agreed to reprise my "Linux Doctor" character and give those
> lectures it was under the strict understanding that Dr. Francis
> Pinteric did not want to continue being the "Linux Doctor." He is just
> too high maintenance for me.
> The "Linux Doctor" is a character that I created in order to facilitate
> the future of Linux. Unfortunately the character got ahead of me and I
> lost control of him. Real actors will be able to explain it better than
> I, but I am now better able to understand their craft. In the creation
> of the "Linux Doctor" I poached on their territory.
> But, as the Linux Doctor, I hope that I've done some good. There is,
> however, a back story to the "Linux Doctor" that was only beginning to
> get revealed when all hell broke loose after my stroke.
> The back story itself is not important. When I read the notes I made at
> the time I am embarrassed by them. I'm sure one or two of those
> thoughts made it into public. In fact I am embarrassed by the character
> I created. Reading my own notes on how to be the "Linux Doctor" reads
> as follows: "superior, does not tolerate fools, NAZI."
> My father was a member of the Hitler Youth, but that did not save him
> him being put on slave gangs building hiways in Germany. My grandfather
> was an anti-Nazi who survived several concentration camps and my father never
> forgave him. That is about all that I was able get out of my father.
> The "Linux Doctor" is much like my father. He is a coward. My father
> was a Nazi and so is the "Linux Doctor."
> That is why Dr. Pinteric prefers to leave the "Linux Doctor" aside.
> There is just too much history.

Why, Benedict, did you?

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