[oclug] Re: [OT] Depleted uranium bullets

Croombe F. Pensom croombefp at sympatico.ca
Wed Aug 23 18:41:01 EDT 2006

I have a distinct problem here. Surely bullets are designed to, and
generally do, go through the body? Even if they get lodged, they are
usually surgically removed unless a vital organ has been struck and
death results.
The addition of uranium presumably hardens the bullet unlike the lead
bullet which actually spreads out and does humungous amounts of damage
to the body (and, incidentally, has been banned internationally for
decades, a ban which, apparently, just everyone adheres to). Personally,
I doubt whether the small amount of radiation remaining in the depleted
uranium is enough to cause harm especially, as someone has pointed out,
it is alpha radiation.
Of course, the basic question then remains : why don't we ban the use of
bullets outright? If they're going to be used to kill (and I presume
that that is their primary purpose) what the heck does it matter what
they're made of! Except lead of course. If it could be afforded, then
presumably titanium would be pretty good for bullets, or even aluminum.
I don't know.

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