[oclug] [OT] "A Fine Job"

Stephen Webb stephenw at xandros.com
Wed Aug 23 17:06:24 EDT 2006

Fred Williams wrote:
> 	Well, it is, even without the "chemical weapons" moniker.  The whole
> war in Iraq is an international crime.  It's naked aggression against a
> sovereign state.  Then add to that the use of Depleted Uranium, a string
> of torture camps around the world, germ warfare against Cuba, training
> death squads for Southeast Asia and Latin America.  The list goes on and
> on.
I'm sorry to veer a little off topic (I'm not addressing any points 
here), but could someone please explain to me why the use of depleted 
uranium for the manufacture of bullets would be considered "evil?"  I 
can't seem to connect any dots on this one, I must be missing a few.


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