[oclug] OT: Harper is my enemy, but I despise falsehood in the media

Fred Williams unclefred at fredwilliams.ca
Thu Aug 17 12:49:57 EDT 2006

On Thu, 2006-17-08 at 11:27 -0400, Brad Barnett wrote:
> I rarely *start* political posts, although many of mine have morphed into
> ones.  However, the recent fever that the media has placed on the absence
> of Harper at the AIDs conference does nothing but piss me off.

	Well the flood gates are open now.

> Certainly, it angers me more to defend someone I loath.  However, our HEAD
> OF STATE, the Governor General was at the conference as well as the health
> minister... and many other Canadian figures.
> There is just so much that the media can attack about Harper's policies,
> but this isn't one of them.  As far as I know, he is up North in an
> attempt to protect our sovereignty, and our head of state and health
> minister was at the conference.
> This is *normal*.  We did the same conference a *greater* honour by having
> our head of state attend.
	Generally, anything one can do to attack Stephen Hitler is all to the
good in my books.  OK, he gets a couple of brownie points for defending
the northwest passage, but he has no need to go up there himself.  He's
not going to be personally manning the torpedoes.  I think his absence
could be tolerated if the fascists in power were actually going to do
something about HIV-AIDS, but they are clearly not and this is just
Hilter's way of saying that it's a "Gay and/or Black disease and we
don't care about them anyway."

	Yes, the media needs reform.  We are supposed to have the separation of
church and state, we also need the separation of government and private
indusrty and private industry and media and government and media maybe
to some extent.
	We need the media to stop taking government announcements like they
were God's own truth.

Fred Williams
unclefred at fredwilliams.ca

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