$HOME vs $Home was: WARNING TO CROOMBE, READ THIS IMMEDIATELY !!! Re: [oclug] Strange Fedora problem

BB brianjbarber at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 13:22:23 EDT 2006

Logged in as root means that "ls -al $Home" will print the contents of
/root - bash is ignoring $Home - since the shell puts you into the
logged-in users home directory (according to the contents of the $HOME
environment variable).  "ls -al $HOME/" will also print the contents
of /root.  As root, "ls -al $Home/" will print the contents of /.  I
know that I'm just piling on here, but I hope that this brings some


On 8/4/06, Jamon Camisso <jamonation at gmail.com> wrote:
> BB wrote:
> > When you're running these tests, who are you logged in as and what is
> > the output of pwd?
> Root or my local user. As root, /root, as user, /home/user. The trailing
> / does the same thing for both, that is, resolves to /
> pwd of course shows /home/user and /root as it should.
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