[oclug] yet another ISP thread

Andy Civil andycivil at hotpop.com
Wed Aug 2 23:23:35 EDT 2006

Jason Morin wrote:

> Are there solid alternatives with the locals that can offer 5 Mb+, DSL with
> static all for $50 or so.  I guess my connection has just
> gone up by $7 according to Rogers so anything in and around $60 would be
> cool.

How cast-in-stone is that 5Mb+ requirement? Most ISP's are limited at 
3Mb, and by asking for 5Mb you're restricting your choice rather a lot. 
With a phone-based service, you may not even get that, depending on how 
far you are from your exchange (central office). Looking at the list,
compu-solve looks like the best option, and yet, they're one of the few 
ISP's that *doesn't* allow you to run servers... that doesn't bode well 
for the kind of flexibility a Linux user needs :-(


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