[oclug] audience behaviour

William Case billlinux at rogers.com
Thu Sep 8 12:31:11 EDT 2005


I am a relatively new member, so I am taking a risk stepping in without
a full understanding of the personalities and historical dynamics
between individuals in OCLUG.  However, ...

I would hope that Mathew would reconsider his decision to withdraw
participation in OCLUG mailing lists and monthly meetings.  I, for one,
need and appreciate the expertise that people of his calibre bring.  I
also enjoyed his very dry wit.

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> I agree with you that OCLUG members are incapable of asking a question
> without 'subtly' using it to show how much more clever they are than
> the
> audience.  My introductory talk on Unix files will be my last
> presentation
> to OCLUG precisely because of this.  

That's a shame.  I found that topic particularly interesting.  The
question at the following meeting "What is your favourite file system?"
was quite meaningless to me without Mathew having finished his talk. 

> I know it's traditional to 'not
> name names' or subtly hint at the people who stand out as being worst.
> I'd like to break that tradition by naming Michael Richardson as the
> most annoying person during that particular talk for all the pedantic
> points he made that would have thoroughly confused any person new to
> Unix.

Life is full of AHs.  But Mathew, reflect on the fact that there was a
very strong reaction from the members present at that meeting to the
conduct of a few.  You weren't left alone to bear the burden.  The AH's
involved seemed to get the message -- they have been quieter lately.
There are several further actions that can be taken if they begin to
interrupt uselessly again.

The tutorial about presentations given by Harry Kingston the following
month was a reaction to the treatment you received.  Many members
attended the tutorial because they did not want to face the same
rudeness.  There is no need to quit.  I believe the pressure of your
peers on overbearing and arrogant members has established what is
unacceptable behaviour. 

> In your list of things OCLUG members do with their questions, you
> missed
> out the guy (perhaps he wasn't there last night) that interrupts to
> say
> "When I was using a SunOS 3 machine in 1986 ...".

This kind of thing is no less than theft of a presenters time and effort
and should be stopped by the person in charge of the meeting or the
> I've done everything but officially notify the secretary that I've
> left
> OCLUG.  I've unsubscribed from the lists, left the IRC channel, don't
> intend to attend any more physical meetings and only found out about
> this
> particular thread because a friend told me about it.

> Basically, OCLUG sucks.  I've found better things to do with my time.
Basically, OCLUG doesn't suck.  I have met quite a few good people over
the last year.

Regards Bill

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