[oclug] audience behaviour

Mike Roy mjroy2416 at rogers.com
Wed Sep 7 14:46:46 EDT 2005

Hello everyone:
                  The comments made by David Skoll, Francis Pinteric, 
and Matthew Wilcox regarding Tuesday's OCLUG meeting are all quite 
valid.  As to the comment that this topic (audience rudeness) has been 
discussed before, well, it is clear to me that the reason that it is 
being discussed, yet again, is that there are still a considerable 
number of people in the audience that have not learned how to behave in 
                   While I did enjoy and learn from the talk on 'vi', 
there were a few points that were missed during the talk due to the many 
diversions from the main topic.  This is not to fault Frank Kannemann as 
he was having a difficult time staying on-track given the high number of 
interruptions and other distractions from the audience.
                   Are things as bad as Francis suggested in his post?  
Perhaps.  It would appear that Matthew has reached his limit and left 
OCLUG.  Matthew is not the first as a number of valuable members have 
left due, in some measure, to the rude behaviour exhibited at the 
meetings.  I know a few people that won't be returning to OCLUG as a 
result of the attitude and behaviour of some of the members.
                   During the June meeting, I was not the only one that 
welcomed the breath of fresh air and the honest attempt to make the club 
work that the executive displayed.  The July meeting was our welcomed 
and successful picnic.  I can't remember the August meeting but I do 
remember posting a suggestion that someone from the exeuctive bring the 
membership 'up to speed' (at the September meeting) on some of the 
events and other projects announced at the June meeting.  My 
suggestion/request was ignored.
                   I really have a difficult time trying to understand 
how so-called adults can consistently display such juvenile behaviour.  
They never seem to get the message that their rude behaviour is not 
acceptable, and that their I-know-this-better-than-the-presenter 
attitude only disrupts the meeting and serves no real useful purpose.  I 
really don't think it is asking too much for these individuals to behave 
themselves for two short hours once a month.


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