[oclug] POTS -> SIP providers in Canada?

Howard Krakower howardk at zed.net
Tue Apr 26 11:33:29 EDT 2005

Just to add a comment about VoIP - I have it (Vonage) and use it quite
a bit. One of my friends recently moved to Texas and only subscribed
to Comcast cable (CATV and broadband internet). He is using Vonage as
his sole telephone. We have found that when traffic builds, there is
one router in the chain that starts dropping packets - this is
somewhere down in California. When that occurs, his voice starts to
get choppy and, in several cases, the connection had been dropped.
We've done a trace (using Ping Plotter) and it is always the same
switch that fails somewhere in the deep south.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005, 11:25:52 AM, Adrian Irving-Beer wrote:

AIB> On Tue, Apr 26, 2005 at 04:50:47AM +0000, Greg wrote:

>> The copper-wire suppliers might find it in their interests to help
>> along consumer demand for what they might call "phone protection".
>> What if the law'n'order scammers imagine pedos or terrorists hiding
>> behind VoIP?
>> No, I don't imagine VoIP is doomed.  I do imagine lobbyists
>> lobbying.

AIB> Perhaps VoIP will finally be what we need to force the telcos to adapt
AIB> and get with the times.

AIB> If the demand for physical phone lines wanes and the demand for
AIB> bandwidth rises, perhaps we'll see something a little more sci-fi.
AIB> Someone (telcos, cable, hydro, etc.) could deliver digital right to
AIB> our doors.  They could merge the network and the phone system...
AIB> replace RJ11 jacks with RJ45 jacks, modems with routers (or in the
AIB> IPv6 world, plain switches), phones with VoIP (or even video) devices,
AIB> etc.  Phone lines stop becoming an issue of 'how much' and instead
AIB> become 'how many'.

AIB> And perhaps in a future world we won't need caller ID.  Imagine if
AIB> personal X.509 certs or similar become the norm.  You choose only to
AIB> accept callers signed by a trusted certificate authority, and can
AIB> block individual certs at will.  And if some of those authorities
AIB> refuse to certify telemarketers, all the better.  Not to mention that
AIB> the phone book becomes part of the phone.

AIB> Perhaps VoIP is the featureful, user-oriented phone service of the
AIB> future -- not just a cheap way to bypass the current one.

AIB> Yeah, I guess I can dream. ;)

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