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farrell at cyberia.coldstream.ca farrell at cyberia.coldstream.ca
Tue Apr 19 20:08:23 EDT 2005

On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, miden wrote:

> This is my lucky day. I've just received an offer from the lovely (I
> assume) Karina and a finance company with a hotmail account. I found the
> following when looking at the message source:
> Newsgroups: denounce benthic, selfish archdiocese, beefy cocklebur,
> arabesque configure, soliloquy monocular
> Phone: 1-(653)-358-2486
> Comments: backbone nugget airman mateo armload vacillate sculpture
> andrew ballfield frigidaire ewing blond
> Would these lines ever appear in a legitimate email and if so what would
> be their function? I've never seen it before.

	Random words are there to try and confuse spam filters. Plain and


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