[oclug] and now, something completely different.

Stephen M. Webb stephenw at xandros.com
Thu Apr 14 08:29:29 EDT 2005

On 13/04/05 22:31, Rod Giffin wrote:
> GR and Adrian are right.  It seems to be a silly waste of words.  I even
> put on my best Meuse river valley Frankish accent (I'd hate to call it a
> French accent), and it still sounds weird to me.

But Connectiva was not French, so trying to pronounce it's new name with a 
french accent makes no sense.  Since the new company's biggest market is 
still Brazil, you should try to pronounce it with a pt_BR accent.  Think of 
it as rhyming with "llama!".

Some guy with big puffy sleeves and tight pants dancing with a deeply tanned 
Carioca sporting a nice pair of maracas and clad in nothing but feathers, and 
a penguin eating cheese.  Mandriva!

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