[oclug] Procmail -> NNTP?

farrell at cyberia.coldstream.ca farrell at cyberia.coldstream.ca
Mon Apr 11 18:15:58 EDT 2005

On Mon, 11 Apr 2005, Spencer Cheng wrote:

> The function I find really useful about Gnus is the scoring. Very
> useful for prioritizing the messages (Linus has higher prio than Usenet
> kook of the month). I don't think gmail has that. Procmail is already
> dropping the different mailing list into separate mailboxes for me. I
> just want it to drop the email into something that looks like a NNTP
> spooler.

	If I remember correctly, back in the BBS days, there used to be
NNTP<->SMTP gateway software that some WAFFLE BBS people were using...but
they were doing the opposite, tacking an NNTP feed, and turning it into a
mail base...but it should operate fine for what you are doing...or maybe
not. That's the closest I can remember for software that does what you want
to do...


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