[oclug] Maintaining config files for various servers

Bart Trojanowski bart-oclug at jukie.net
Thu Jul 29 20:05:35 EDT 2004

* Mark <msalists at gmx.net> [040727 14:00]:
> I am setting up a cluster of servers and want to make this a easily
> reproducable as possible. For this reason, I want to keep config files for
> all servers in a central place. That way, if I have to re-install a server
> for some reason (for example bacause the disk crashed), I can just get the
> latest version of all the config files I need from that place.

Had I not gone to OLS, my suggestion would be to rsync the /etc dirs
from the cluster on a regular basis.  However...

There was a talk on how to maintain sane distributed installs at OLS.


Someone told me that AJH is hiding the proceedings somewhere...
anyone know where they are?


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