[oclug] questions about running windows apps (games) on a linux desktop

james terris james_terris at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 23 21:06:09 EDT 2004

I'm going to be switching my Windows 2000 over to
a linux desktop in either Mandrake or Fedora (KDE
or Gnome I guess, I don't have too much experience
with linux desktops, just running servers through a
command prompt) but I'd still like to play
some games in a windows environment.

So, how is the performance playing games such as
star craft, quake2, quake3, unreal tournament, etc
in Wine? How CPU intensive is it?

Is it better to use vmware? I could be going
on the wrong route with vmware. I have no experience
with it but vaguely remember one of my friends
mentioning it.


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