[oclug] To What Degree, Support?

Francis J. A. Pinteric linuxdoctor at linuxdoctor.biz
Wed Apr 21 16:07:39 EDT 2004

On Wed, 21 Apr 2004 13:43:34 -0400
Stephen Gregory <oclug at kernelpanic.ca> wrote:

> On Wed, 21 Apr 2004 12:28:38 -0400
> "Francis J. A. Pinteric" <linuxdoctor at linuxdoctor.biz> wrote:
> > In Europe they have ISO 9000 to help them along with their quality
> > issues. 
> ISO 9000 is a joke. Everyone who is compliant knows it is a joke too.
> All ISO 9000 states is that the company's processes are documented.
> There is no statement of quality required. The documentation needs to
> simply state how bad the tolerences are to be compliant.

Obviously you do not favour ISO 9000. That's the common attitude in
North America.  But most North American critics don't really understand
ISO 9000 and view it the way you do as simply a useless exercise in
documentation. Almost every critique of ISO 9000 that I've read from
American authors seem to fail the fundamental concepts behind ISO 9000.
All they see is paperwork and more paperwork.

That is far from the reality of ISO 9000. You have simply bought into
the anti-ISO 9000 corporatist propganda.

I was heavily involved with ISO 9000 and knew it inside and out back in
1993. I've seen it work the way it's supposed to work in Europe, and
even here in Canada when the company I used to work for (Nordion
International) became certified.

ISO 9000 is not a joke. The joke is on those who don't, or rather won't
understand it. 


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