[oclug] Save the Limited Computer Resources

Jon Earle jearle at kronos.honk.org
Fri Feb 23 17:26:46 EST 2001

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> From: Francis Pinteric [mailto:linuxdoctor at yahoo.com]
> We use 'excuses' like, it's faster
> to write, test and ship that way as if our time is more valuable than
> that of the end user(1).

You mean, it isn't?  :)

> We consume all these resources of memory, storage and time without a
> thought except perhaps for "it's cheap" or "there's lots of it."
> They said the same thing about fresh air and clean water.

But, it _is_ cheap, and there _is_ lots of it, and more is coming.  It's not
like we're talking global warming here... unless another sprawling Taiwanese
plant which sprung up due to western demand for more RAM catches fire and
burns, killing every last exhausted child labourer inside...

Oh the morbidity in me today.  Ya'd think I'd been listening to (c)rap or
something.  (Can you honestly believe m&m won _three_ Grammies?!  What's the
point of Grammies if they're given away for what amounts to gutter-fluff?)


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