[oclug] more than 4 ide drives?

James Terris jterris at innovance.com
Tue Feb 20 10:14:40 EST 2001

I've got a redhat 6.0 box acting as my file server
and I was wondering what steps I would have to go through to
be able to use an ASUS UDMA/66 card (basically a Promise
Fastrack66 rip-off) so I could add 4 more drives.

I know I've got spare irqs so there should be no problem
installing the card but how would I get Linux to recognize
it and be able to access the drives (hde, hdf, hdg, hdh
I assume).

Also, any idea if it would it bump my old drives to the 
higher letters (basically taking precedence over the 
on-board i/o)?

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