[oclug] Courtesy

Computer Books For Less books at computerbooksforless.com
Fri Feb 16 11:24:42 EST 2001

Only because so many have posted on this am I going to go down this 
road.  But there are those for various reason for whom grammar and spelling 
are a very difficult thing.  Yes I do use a spell checker, but they only 
provide basic protection from real errors.  There are many errors that 
programs like ispell can not check for.  And yes I do re-read my post 
numerous times before I hit the proverbial send button.  This does not stop 
me from sending out some seriously demented emails.

We don't not know what issues oclug members face when pounding on the ole 
keyboard, so let us not be too Fascist with our grammar policing. :-)

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