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Francis Pinteric linuxdoctor at
Fri Feb 9 09:20:03 EST 2001

--- Shad Young <shad at> wrote:
> Please, give me a break.  Many of us who use HTML conform to the
> standards. Again
> these are some increadibly weak arguments. All I am hearing from
> you lot is a
> bunch of ol' time elitist snobbery. Hail the good ol days, Unix is
> alive and
> well!

Elitist snobbery? Surely not from me! Heaven forfend!!! I'm never a
snob, well hardly ever.

My own stand on HTML is that I don't like because it is, as a
language, very verbose, extremely limited, not very flexible, and as
a markup language very unweildy. Personally, when they called it a
markup language it was misnamed. Perhaps the ML really stands for
'marvellously lame.'

Give me *roff anyday. Now that is a powerful markup language. I don't
see why it can't be extended to include some of the things required
for web.

My love of the *roff series has nothing to do with nostralgia, and
everything to do with the fact that it is infinitely better than all
the *ML's out there right now. I remember the first time I saw HTML.
My very thought was "why didn't they just use troff?" The answer is
very simple: the inventors were probably never exposed to Unix and/or
they had somehow forgotten it. More likely, they couldn't use it
because then they couldn't make money from it.


"However dazzling and dauting (the technologist's) display
of worldly wisdom, their true inspiration lies elsewhere,
in an enduring, otherworldly quest for transcendence and
salvation" - David F. Noble, "The Religion of Technology"

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