[oclug] WU-FTP and Passive Mode

Tom Goulet tomg at nova.yi.org
Wed Feb 7 17:02:15 EST 2001

>I don't like having that many ports open but I don't know what else to do.

There is a difference between having a port open, and having a port
not-firewalled.  Open means there is software currently listening to the
port.  A port that is not open, (firewalled or not,) is simply closed.

It's perfectly safe to have a port closed and not firewalled.

The FTP server will only open the ports for passive FTP as outgoing
connections, no use to any would-be attackers.

And standard advice on ftpd:  Try to use ssh or http for file transfers,
but if you must have anonymous ftp, try something more secure than
wu-ftpd.  (Like all the other ones.)

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