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Tue Feb 6 18:30:37 EST 2001

On 06-Feb-2001 David F. Skoll wrote:
> On Tue, 6 Feb 2001, Andrew Hutton wrote:
>> If your end goal is to learn how computers work... and you feel up to
>> it... pick up a 68000 assembly book at a used book shop.  ALL of the
>> really clueful people I respect for their computing knowledge seem to
>> have started with ASM of some kind.  It teaches respect, humility, and
>> exactly WHY you do things a certain way.
> It depends on which assembler you learn.  I was lucky enough to learn
> 6809 as my first assembler language.  The Motorola 6809 was used in the
> Radio Shack Color Computer.  Even though it was an 8-bit processor, it
> had a wonderful instruction set and many useful addressing modes.
> When I finally learned Intel assembler, I almost threw up.  I'm sure if I'd
> started with x86 assembler, I would have been put off for life. :-)

My first romp with assembly was with the c64.  Ah, days long gone by ;)


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