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Sat Feb 3 16:08:10 EST 2001

On 02-Feb-2001 Jon Earle wrote:
> On Fri, 2 Feb 2001, Warren A. Layton wrote:
>> If consumers had expressed more concern
>> about air pollution levels we would have seen electric cars appear on
>> the market much sooner. 
> And what would generate the massive amounts of power required to energize
> several million electric cars in Ontario alone?  You'd see several more
> coal, oil, gas and nuclear power plants popping up all over the place, and
> they'd just spew _their_ pollution into the air, ground, water,
> etc.  You'd just transfer the problem and concentrate the pollution.  Not
> sure which is worse. 

Erm.  Hydrogen powered cars *are* electric cars, and simply equiping a car with
solar panels on it will enable it to recharge itself.  Solar panels can be
designed into the hood, trunk and roof of the car and their appearance can
actually *add* to the look of the car, if designed correctly.

The fact that hydrogren powered electric cars are far, FAR, *FAR* more efficient
than a gasoline engine makes this possible.  The conversion rate of ballard
fuel cells (hydrogen -> electricity) has been claimed to be as high as 93%.

Part of the reason its taken until this year for hydrogren powered cars to hit
the market is because of market dynamics.  People will be able to refuel their
OWN cars, and Ballard hydrogen powered technology will effectively destroy the
power base of the Middle East, and destroy anywhere that depends on oil as a
fuel source.

Over the next 20 years, places like Calgary are going to have a massive shift
in their economy.  

If you own a house, why on earth would you buy natural gas, or electricity or
anything from the grid?  Why not equip the roof of your house with solar
panels.  Use the electricity they generate to split water and compress it in 
a hydrogen tank.  Up until now, the big problem with solar panels is the loss
of power while storing the electricity in batteries, and the cost of them. 
Now, a large steel tank can hold 6 months worth of power, for the same cost
of buying batteries that could hold a few *days* worth of power.  Hydrogen
power makes it feasable to store up power in the summer, and use it in the

The whole economy is going to change.  Why have a notebook that uses batteries?
 Why not have a notebook that produces power on demand from hydrogen?  Hydrogen
is lighter / power requirements than batteries, and instead of having to
recharge the book, you can charge it up like you do a butane lighter.

Several companies in the US have already developed devices that you hook up to
a tap, and plug in.  They sit and produce compressed h2.  Its beyond simplistic
to hook solar panels up instead.

The old economy is almost gone.  

>> If more Linux users threatened to cancel their
>> Rogers service because they weren't being served properly, perhaps
>> Rogers would wake up.
> Not likely - there are, most likely, more than enough Windows users to
> fill the gap.


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