[oclug-board] upcoming AGM

Mike Kenzie ba600 at ncf.ca
Sat Apr 30 12:50:53 EDT 2011

We currently have only 3 names listed as possible directors

The bylaws say we are OK with only 3 directors,  and can add more as needed 
until we get to the proper number. 

7. Number The number of Directors is specified in the Letters Patent such 
    * (a) it is a fixed number not less than three, and [Act (s. 283 (2))]
    * (b) it may be changed by a special resolution of the Board. [Act (s. 285 

12. Vacancies. Where there is a vacancy or vacancies in the Board, the 
remaining Directors may exercise all the powers of the Board so long as a 
quorum of the Board remains in office. [Act (s. 283 (4))]

22. Quorum. The quorum for a Board meeting is a majority of the number of 
Directors specified in the Letters Patent. [Act (s. 288 (1))] 

We do need to get 20 members out to the meeting to make quorum

56. Quorum. A quorum at any Annual or General meeting shall be persons present 
being not less than twenty in number and being or representing by proxy not 
less than twenty members. No business shall be transacted at any meeting 
unless the requisite quorum is present at the time of the transaction of such 
business. If a quorum is not present at the time appointed for a meeting or 
within such reasonable time thereafter as the members present may determine, 
the persons present and entitled to vote may adjourn the meeting to a fixed 
time and place but may not transact any other business. [Act (s. 129 (1) (i))] 


127. Beneficial Organizations. Upon OCLUG's dissolution and after the payment 
of all debts and liabilities, OCLUG's remaining property or part thereof shall 
be distributed or disposed of to organizations whose objects are beneficial to 
the community. [Act (s. 132 (1))] 

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