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Upcoming Meetings and Events

December Meeting: Scripting and script examples

Date: December 7, 2017 at 7 p.m.
Location: Algonquin (Woodroffe) P201

This will be a karaoke session for members to present short examples of scripting in different tools. We hope for "cool" examples which illustrate interesting ways to write scripts to carry out useful or simply amusing tasks. Remember to include pros and cons of the tools used.

We have registered an Hour of Code event for this evening.

November Meeting: Setting up a VPS / Krack wifi exploit

Date: November 2, 2017 at 7:15 p.m.
Location: Algonquin (Woodroffe) P201

Tonight's meeting is about setup and use of servers and a brief intro to the recently publicized Krack wifi exploit

NOTE: Due to picket lines apparently shutting down at 1900, the meeting start is delayed slightly to avoid OCLUG members having to deal with them.

Canning SPAM

Setting up an inexpensive VPS

Speaker: John C. Nash

Needing to be able to run Subversion to support my writing, with an existing need for static web pages and mail forwarding for two addresses, I took advice of both OCLUG members and the manager of my previous hosting (who could not support Subversion) and set up a VPS on I will walk through the process with the ups and downs. Some issues remain concerning hardening postfix for which discussion is welcome. While I've run a few servers over the years, this is my first time with postfix as well as some other aspects of server management, while other tasks were very straightforward for me. A lot of the information I found on the web offered multiple and different approaches to problems. My goal is to share my experiences and to write them up to streamline the job for others.

Topics for discussion relating to server setup and management are welcome. Please raise them on the list at so they can be added as agenda items (and so I can hopefully find some people willing to provide advice).

Note that the Board is working on setting up a similar facility for OCLUG because our existing Tux is very old (about 15 years!) and, like all older systems, has accumulated a goodly amount of unused crud. We want to simplify while keeping useful functions for members. Ideas (and help!) welcome.

Krack Wifi exploit

Speaker: Alex Pilon

Alex has agreed to lead a brief overview and discussion of the Krack wifi exploit recently publicized. Contributions to this discussion welcome depending on time and interest of the group.



Promote Linux in Ottawa

Do you have an idea about how to promote Linux and Open Source Software in Ottawa? OCLUG may be able to help with up to $500 towards your expenses.

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Meeting Location - Algonquin

For the months of October, November, and December we will be meeting in Building P, room P201. This building is directly south of parking lots 8,9, and 12.

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